Stephen Besinaiz serves as the President on the Iron Lions United Executive Board. A USAF veteran, he has been fighting in medieval steel full contact sports since 2013 when living in Europe for six years. Since returning to the United States in 2019, Stephen wanted to give back to the bohurt community in the USA. He did so with the launch of Eiserne Lowen-USA, and standing up Iron Lions United, Iron Lions West (with Eric Tague) and Iron Lions East. His goal is to see, fight, and develop new relationships with others in the bohurt community.

Director of Operations:


Amber Parker serves on the Iron Lions Executive Board as the Director of Operations. She started fighting in bohurt in November 2020, and after seeing a logistical need for structure and organization, she began working with Stephen and Kevin in the buildup of the Enterprise. She oversees the expansion and goals of the United Board, and organizes resources and efforts to professionalize the Iron Lions as wells as the local bohurt community. A USAF SNCO, Amber has nearly 20 years of experience in various skillsets to support the development of the USA bohurt circuit.

Chief Financial Officer:


Kevin Leclerc is the Chief Financial Officer on the Iron Lions Executive Board. The US Marine veteran began fighting in November 2020 and working with the Board in the spring of ’21. Through his business, Kbar Contracting, Kevin built the Lion’s Den out of Culpeper VA to adhere to international bohurt and structural standards. Combining his extensive knowledge and experience in financial management, practical application and general contracting, Kevin leads the Enterprise in funding their goals, integrating fundraising efforts and identifying opportunities to further professionalize the sport as well as supporting local/small businesses.

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