Meet the Team

Iron Lions East is headquartered in northern Virginia and partners with multiple local businesses to be the indomitable club that they are. Starting on 18 October ’20 with just a handful of fighters, the East club has expanded to over 30 people as of October ’21. With a lot of passion and grounding sense of community, the East club is passionate about professionalization of the sport in the USA in all aspects from fighting to support to community outreach.

Real News

Come See Us at Ravenwood!

We will be at the Ravenwood Faire for exposition and fighting September 30th-October 2nd, 2022!


Congratulations to our Femm team the Walküren for their first ever fights as a team!

Club Officers

  • Captain: Stephen
  • Master-at-Arms: Damian
  • Director: Amber
  • Treasurer: Kevin
  • Field Captain, Vanguard: Justin
  • Field Captain, Legion: James
  • Field Captain, Women’s Division: Amber
  • Public Relations Officer: Meghan & Sean ‘Kenni’
  • Historian: Livie



  • (C) Justin
  • Kevin
  • Damian
  • Brad
  • Alex
  • Andy
  • Sean
  • Kellen
  • Eric
  • Sean


  • (C) James
  • Stephen
  • James
  • Nic
  • Erik
  • Dean
  • Grant
  • Chase
  • Andrew


  • (C) Amber
  • Meghan
  • Livie
  • Katie
  • Megan
  • Dani


Event Staff

  • Saoirse (Support)
  • Nico (Support
  • Maddie (Media)
  • Misha (Support)
  • Any fighter not fighting!

Marshals (ACS/IMCF)

  • Stephen (Line Marshal)
  • Amber (Head Marshal)
  • Saoirse (Line Marshal)
  • Kevin (Line Marshal)
  • Sean ‘Kenni’ (Line Marshal)
  • Erik (Line Marshal)


  • Jacob
  • Matt