The Iron Lions were formed in Germany of 2015, headed by Alexander Jost. As part of Eisenliga, the Iron Lions are compiled of 5 teams throughout Germany, and headquartered in Kaiserslautern. In 2020, the honorable Stephen Besinaiz brought the Iron Lions to the United States, where two inaugural clubs were initially established with Iron Lions West (Captain Eric Tague) and Iron Lions East (Captain Stephen Besinaiz). Uniting under a single banner, Iron Lions United provides the way ahead for current and future Iron Lions clubs in America.

Iron Lions United is a sports club that provides training, events, and resources in order to participate in the sport of medieval armored combat (aka “bohurt”). We encourage support and participation in bohurt activities, promote good sportsmanship, educate participants and conduct other educational activities nationwide. Every club within Iron Lions United operate on the following tenets: 

  1. To foster the 3 Pillars of Success of building the Warrior Spirit, improve physical fitness, and learn to fight in armored combat sports
  2. To provide instruction in the sport of bohurt to persons interested in medieval combat arts, whether as active fighters, support personnel or as spectators
  3. To build a healthy community of support within their club and local communities that provides opportunities for members to engage in recreational, competitive or support activities within the auspices of bohurt organizations and/or events
  4. To sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the sport of bohurt
  5. To provide instruction and support in skills and tactics that provide care and maintenance of the fighters, armor, weapons and other materials and resources involved in bohurt